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Everything You need to Know About Keyless Entry Systems

A keyless entry system is a practical way to avoid carrying about a real key when you need to open your automobile door. You can open the door without using your hands if you have a “fob” or keychain on you at all times. The engine can be started with the same key fob. With keyless entry, a driver doesn’t need a key to lock or open their car. Sending a radio frequency signal from a distant transmitter to a receiver in the automobile is the standard method for keyless entry. From your keychain to your vehicle, the signal is transmitted as encrypted data.

Benefits of using Keyless Entry

In addition to opening the door, the majority of keyless entry systems also let the motorist open the trunk with the touch of a button or even their shoe. A helpful feature for people who are travelling, or grocery shopping is that the trunk’s sensors can detect movement and open it automatically. The vehicle transmits the brief radio transmission. When the key fob gets close enough to the vehicle, it will react by transmitting its own code. Upon detecting this, the vehicle proceeds to unlock the doors.

Most of these systems only work in one direction and have a short range. Even though the car receives a signal from the remote, it does not respond. Additionally, their range is limited to no more than fifty feet. You can use the same key fob for both keyed and keyless ignition systems. To start the engine, the keychain transmits a signal to the car’s onboard computer, which verifies the code and then sends another signal.

What are the problems with keyless entry?

When the keyless entry fob is no longer within range, your vehicle will  lock itself and turn off the engine.  Key fob batteries may also drain rapidly in keyless vehicles.  After you switch off the engine, there’s no way to get the vehicle started again. The majority of vehicles still require a physical key fob, so you’ll have to keep track of where you put it before you can start the engine and go. Additionally, keyless entry systems raise valid security issues due to the numerous ways in which they might be compromised by criminals.

Zurich University of Technology researchers demonstrated in 2011 how to enhance a car’s radio signals to make it believe the key fob was close by. There have been reports that thieves can intercept the codes transferred between a key fob and a car, and the police have also investigated crooks who disable keyless devices, making it impossible for the doors to lock. Following a string of thefts involving Range Rovers in 2014, authorities suggested that owners take extra precautions by installing a steering wheel lock. This would help deter would-be thieves who managed to bypass keyless security.


Keyless entry shift not only streamlines accessibility but also fortifies security measures, providing a glimpse into a future where seamless access meets heightened protection. As keyless entry continues to redefine our daily interactions, its integration into various facets of life marks a pivotal step toward a more efficient, secure, and interconnected world.

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