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Replacement Apartment Intercom:  Factors to Consider

Are you sick of dealing with old intercoms and security problems? We understand how painful it is for you.  We strongly believe that better apartment security measures, such as intercom systems that work for both property owners and residents, should be put in place. In this article, we will talk about why should you think about rpelcemnt intercom system. Let’s start!

Replacement Apartment Intercom:  Important Factors to Consider

Your Current Landline Intercom Costs Are Going Up

Since phone companies are getting rid of standard phone lines one by one, you may be paying more for a landline intercom system. Going with a digital intercom can help you save money over time.

Wired Intercom Is Not Working for Certain Residents

Some people might not be able to use a normal wired intercom system because of health issues like hearing loss. If you get a digital intercom system with features like text messages and closed captioning, it will be easier for everyone to get around in your building. In that case you should think about replacement apartment intercom.

You Are Having Break-ins

Break-ins are a big safety risk for any apartment building. An intercom system that works with your building’s security system can add an extra layer of safety and help keep people from breaking in. Whether the intercom system is broken or the board member wants to change to a more modern one, there are many reasons why property managers and condo board members choose to replace their intercom systems. Get a good intercom system right away to keep your people safe. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Replacement building intercom: Types of Apartment Intercom You should know about

It can be hard to find the right intercom system for your apartment building, but it doesn’t have to be. As technology has improved, there are now a lot of new kinds of intercom systems that make things safer and easier for both property managers and residents. Let’s look more closely at the different kinds of intercom systems out there and why video intercoms are quickly becoming the most popular choice for modern apartment buildings.

Wired Intercoms to Individual Units

For many years, wired intercoms have been a good choice. A central intercom panel is wired to each unit in the building. This lets residents talk to guests at the front door and, if they want, unlock the door from afar. This method works well, but it may not be as safe as newer options, and it can be pricey to set up and check regularly.

Telephone Line Intercoms

Another popular choice for apartment buildings is a telephone entry system. The phone lines that are already there are used to connect the main intercom panel to each room. You might save money by doing this, but people might not want to pay for the extra phone line, and the system might not be as safe as newer choices.

Video Intercom Systems

Video intercoms are quickly becoming the most popular choice for apartment buildings today. Better security is built into these systems, and residents can visually check the identity of visitors before letting them in. Video intercoms can link to one or more units or to a central panel, and they can be wired or wireless. They can also work with other smart home systems, like security cameras and door locks, to give you full protection.


If you are thinking about replacement apartment intercom for your apartment building, you should think about how safe you need it to be, how much it will cost to install and keep up, and how convenient it will be for both property managers and residents. For many apartment buildings, a modern video intercom system may be the best choice because it combines safety and ease.

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