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What is access control and why is it important ?

Access control is a method of managing the timing and authorized entry to a building or other restricted area.  Physical access control is what we usually refer to it as because it differs from access control that prohibits individuals from entering virtual places, like when they log onto a computer network. Although enhancing security is one of the main applications of a physical access control system, there are numerous other advantages as well. This includes the enhanced effectiveness of your company’s operations and the administration of your site or facility. In this article,  we will shed light on access control and why you should employ this.

Why use an access control system instead of keys?

Many smaller organizations still rely on mechanical keys, the most basic kind of physical access control. Mechanical keys have their limitations and shortcomings even for a small business, and these problems only worsen as the company grows. Using keys presents a number of issues, some of which are listed below.

People lose keys

In the event that a key is misplaced, it is imperative to change the lock to prevent unauthorized entry. The next step is to make sure that everyone who needs to use that door has a new key. An audit trail is not left by keys. It is impossible to tell who entered and when because it is not possible to see if and when a key has been used.

Keys are difficult to manage

A huge number of keys, which are cumbersome to handle and use, will be required to access several structures and rooms. Labeling the keys would be too dangerous, but it’s hard to keep track of which ones go to which doors. You can have a lot more control and sidestep the problems with mechanical keys by switching to an electronic access control system.

How to utilize access control system?

Who has access

You might like to restrict automatic access to staff members exclusively. Alternatively, you would prefer that all contractors and visitors check in at the front desk. Certain regions may be off-limits to all. So, you may wish to restrict access to your laboratory to only technicians.

What times they can gain access

Only senior workers are granted access to the premises at all times, while contractors and junior staff are only allowed access during their usual shift pattern. When are they granted permission to access

For instance, you can configure your system such that contractors can only have access after they have provided certification.

An excellent access control system even allows you to customize these settings for each user, giving you even more power. And if you ever need to make any changes, you can do so easily and fast. Additionally, it will display the times and locations of who accessed what, making it easier to identify potential culprits in the event of an incident.


Access control is a common practice to include multiple departments when making decisions about who has access to what. This may encompass security, information technology, facilities management, and human resources. It is not uncommon for these divisions to function autonomously. Nonetheless, this is inefficient and prone to error, both of which pose serious threats to data security. All systems should be in sync for maximum efficiency and safety. A powerful tool for connecting disparate systems is an access control system with integration capabilities.

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