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Brivo Access

What is Brivo Access?

Brivo Access is a cloud-based access control and smart spaces technology that is still the world leader in offering SaaS-based solutions for businesses, multifamily housing, and big, spread-out companies. This ecosystem can give companies powerful digital tools to boost security automation, make the experience of employees and tenants better, and make the built environment safer for everyone and everything. Brivo’s building access platform is now the digital base for the world’s biggest group of customer facilities. Follow the article to know more about it.

Key benefits of using Brivo Access

One of the best things about Brivo Access is that it lets the software provider handle maintenance tasks that used to be the IT department’s job. Then security teams can focus on keeping the building safe and running the building. Businesses can keep an eye on security events, find strange behavior, and keep an eye on activities with video across multiple sites with the help of advanced tools. This protects buildings, workers, and other things that are valuable.

With software-as-a-service, updates are made all the time, so there is no need for extra work or downtime like there is with traditional on-premise software. Every day, Brivo updates our software to make sure the apps are safe and to add new features and functions. Software flaws are found and fixed right away when it comes to cybersecurity. They keep improving the security and resilience of their products, which helps protect against new cyber threats.

There are extra financial perks to buying access control as a subscription. It gets rid of the big costs that come with buying something and the high costs of maintaining it. Upgrades and changes can be made all the time with subscription services, which give small businesses access to strong software that is ready for the enterprise without breaking the bank. Teams can figure out how much money the unique property will save them by using a ROI or total cost of ownership tool.

What you get with Brivo Access?

  • Better custom fields that let admins better describe and sort authorized users to meet their needs.
  • The ability to “Expire Unused Credentials,” which lets administrators delete identities that haven’t been used in a certain amount of time.
  • Access commands that only let certain people with the right credentials arm and disarm systems.
  • For users of the Enterprise Edition, Data Explorer’s Occupancy and Usage data sets let administrators use more advanced monitoring tools with pre-set and editable data sets and graphs.
  • Brivo Mobile Pass turns your phone into a badge and lets you use the same access code for various building amenities and facilities.


Brivo Access serves as a powerful cloud-based system for overseeing and controlling entry into buildings or facilities. Offering remote access management, real-time monitoring, and seamless integration with security devices, it empowers administrators to efficiently manage permissions, track entries, and respond promptly to security events. Its user-friendly interface and scalability position it as a favored choice among businesses seeking a comprehensive and flexible access control solution.

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